LochMaster 4.0
A developers tool for
strip board projects

49,90 €

System requirements
Windows 2000, XP, Vista,
Win 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 , 32 / 64 bit

Innovations of LochMaster 4.0

LochMaster 4.0 is a developers tool for strip board projects. It has useful functions for designing, documenting and testing project boards. Therefore you will find functions like auto-generation of components lists, a connection test, a editable library with a large number of symbols and components, and many more. The latest version comes a long with new practical features, like parallel usage of mm, inch and hole grids. It is still compatible with all previous versions. You can load and edit any project you have already designed with LochMaster.

LochMaster displays both sides of the board, which are editable simultaneously. You can choose from several board types with different layouts and grids. All required functions, like wiring, splitting tracks, soldering, placing components, etc. are included and appear very realistic. The well-sorted and extendable library contains lots of material, that can be placed on the board: Electric and electronic components, mechanical elements, symbols and labels are available. Even “flying” soldering points are handled.

LochMaster has already a lot of standard-boards defined. If your desired board is not defined, you can create your own boards with the integrated board-editor. This enables you to work with almost every board you can get..

The component library
The integrated component-library includes beside the standard-components like resistors, diodes, capacitors, etc., a lot of mechanical elements like screws, nuts and spacer.

Because of the very realistic representation of the components, the display looks almost like a real board. This is not only a good looking feature, it helps you to keep the clearness.

Of course you can edit and create your own components and symbols. You can extend the library as you like.

The object-assistant helps you to create standard-components or often needed contours very easily.

Properties and extra fields
Component properties are listed in clear dialogs, which make it easy to edit single elements or to change lots of components in one go.

Additional component data like data sheets, manufacturers, distributors, links, etc. can be stored in user-editable extra fields.

Component lists
Structured component lists can be generated from the component data. Component data like identifiers and values are processed automatically, while the board is being edited. Component lists are editable, so you can add order information or whatever to the a list. This feature is available for predefined components as well as for user-defined components. You can also create an order list instead of a components list.

Component data can also be exported to Excel with a single click through DDE.

Potential test
A special feature of LochMaster is the test mode. This mode is helpful to follow the signals flow and find wanted or unwanted connections. Click to one point of the circuit, and the program will find all areas of the board that are connected directly to that point. Wires, connections, and pins will be considered. Connected areas will be marked.

Potential points can be placed, to mark nodes that have certain potentials, like VCC, GND or any other potential. These nodes appear individually coloured in your project and are updated dynamically during yor work.

Front and back
Your project board can be viewed and edited from both sides. The X-ray function helps you to see the components on the opposite board side. Both board sides are editable simultaneously or separately. It is possible as well to rotate the whole board into the desired position in steps of 90 degrees.

The print function was reviewed completely. Several options are available to print different views of the board. You can print a component mounting plan as well as a mirrored construction aid showing the positions of track splits. A preview shows the result in advance, and allows you to change the position of the printout or to activate the necessary print options. Different views of a board can be generated and you can arrange them on a single paper sheet as well as on several sheets just as needed. Printing large boards or printing with huge magnification you take advantage of the banner function, which automatically spreads the printout to several paper sheets that fit together exactly. All print settings are stored together with your project file.

Be prepared for your next project and get a copy of LochMaster 4.0 now!